S.tokyo 2020上槽しました☆ S.tokyo 2020 completed

☆純米吟醸 S.tokyo 2020上槽しました☆

純米吟醸 S.tokyo 2020を上槽(じょうそう)しました!



純米吟醸 S.tokyo 2020は4月下旬発売予定です。


☆ Junmai Ginjo S.tokyo 2020 completed ☆

Junmai Ginjo S.tokyo 2020 is now in the ”Jo-so-”!

The moromi , which looks like rice porridge, is filtered through a special cloth and separated into liquid and solid.

The liquid is “sake” and the solid is “sake-kasu”.
After that, it will be bottled, put on the heat sterilization , labeled, packed in a box, and delivered to each liquor store.

Junmai Ginjo S.tokyo 2020 will be released in late April.

It will be released in after one month.
We will do our best!

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